Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Snow White

So I've included some pictures of character designs for Snow White. More will be following. I have so many stories I would like to pursue but I need to focus on just one at a time. This is a dilemma. Lately my minds been racing non-stop. I've been thinking so much about many different fairy tales, how important they are, how relevant they can be when you're facing challenges in life. Right now, Snow White stands out in particular because you can read so many different things into it. It's characters seems so complex but the language of the story is sooooo simple. I've been thinking of it as a story of spiritual growth. I have a friend who helped me to see the importance of spirituality and that every story which transcends time does so because it has such a strong spiritual pull.
Snow White is a pure soul, the Step Mother Queen could be the same soul except it's broken by it's own ego. And the Seven Dwarves are the ones that see the purity of Snow White and who are so touched by her, and who see her light, that they aspire to move past their material traps (they are miners, they are stuck in this Earth digging for treasure).

When Snow is poisoned the first time it is from bindings, the second time its by vanity, and the third time it is from temptation (not sexual necesarily). She dies, but maybe she is just incubating until she is ready to really express herself.
When her equal comes along, she wakes up completely and leaves the forest. The Queen dies shortly after. Oh just read the story. Its good, you won't regret it.